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Planned Giving

Click any of the pictures below to view and print off its corresponding Planned Giving FORM.

Plan Giving Envelopes
Planned Giving Envelopes
   Bankers Order
Bankers Order
  Gift Aid
Gift Aid

Maintaining Our Parish- through Generous Offerings of Parishioners

Each and every Parish has to raise money each week to keep itself running and to maintain the property that is part of the parish set up. This includes the day to day running costs of a parish i.e. heating, lighting, the running of the Parish House, supporting the clergy of the parish, administrative costs, repairs, buying of new equipment. As you well know it is an expensive business running a home today, but we also have a church and a parish hall to maintain. We have to send one third of our income to support the Diocese.

The only source of income that we have is from what the parishioners give each week in offertory collection so we rely entirely on what you are prepared to give.

Planned Giving helps to ensure that we have a regular income so that the day to day bills can be paid and that we are able to put a certain amount away each week for those times when we have major works to cope with.

Planned Giving Using Our Box of Envelopes for Weekly Offerings

Plan Giving Envelopes
Planned Giving Envelopes, print off...
Please consider using a Planned Giving Box of envelopes for your offerings. By using them we are able to plan ahead but you can give a certain amount each week regularly which also helps you to know that you are supporting God’s Church so that the Good News can be proclaimed in a well kept and clean building. Please print and return the Planned Giving Form and we will ensure that you receive a box of envelopes for your weekly offering.

Planned Giving by Setting up Bankers Order

 Bankers Order
Bankers Order, print off...
If you would prefer to make your offerings through your bank then please print off a Bankers Order form and return it to your bank who will arrange for regular payments to be made directly into the Parish Bank Account. This by far the most helpful way of giving in that you don’t have to worry about using envelopes each week and the bank will do the work for you.

GIFT AID- helps the Parish get Extra 20% from your Income Tax

Gift Aid
Gift Aid Form, print off...
You can do more in raising money for the upkeep of our Parish, if you are working and paying tax on your income. GIFT AID is a wonderful way of increasing your giving without you paying an extra penny. The Government will give the parish an extra 20% on what you give each week at no cost to you at all. Just print off a GIFT AID FORM and return it to the Parish House.

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